Amazing 3D desktop featuring stunning effects




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We have seen many programs trying to give a new look to your desktop, but we can say that BumpTop is nowadays the best one we have ever tested.

BumpTop is extremely different and good. Just take a look to the screenshots and you'll make an idea of what you will find when using this amazing program.

Bumtopwill chang your desktop and will give it a 3D sense. You'll feel that your desktop is now like a room, where you can pile folders and files and hang some files on the walls.

It offers you the possibility of setting a tag for Flickr and see pictures automatically as if they were pictures on the wall, access Facebook and twitter from the desktop, write notes in virtual Post-its, move files and folders as if they were papers on a table...

You can download different themes and experience different sensations with them. BumpTop is amazing, we recommend you to download and install it, you won't be disappointed.
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